The following links may be useful for students, and parents:

General School Links:

Links of General Interest:

  • Google Arts & Culture - Art and stories of us from around the world
  • Wikipedia - The free, open source online reference
  • WolframAlpha - A computational search engine: need info about business or numbers, try here
  • Electronic Frontier Federation - Fighting for digital privacy and rights 
  • Sourceforge - Home to many free and open source software projects
  • GitHub - Home to even more free and open source software projects and collaborative groups
  • - Find free, open source, and trial versions of programs for many topics

Some Charities I Support:

  • Big Bear Alpine Zoo - Helping injured wild animals
  • Kitty Bungalow - Helping rescue and socialize cats
  • Kiva - Providing micro-loans to people throughout the world to improve their lives