Sample files for class must be downloaded from the couse on Schoology.

While you are in class you may save files in any convenient location, but the files will be purged from the computer at least on a daily basis, so to keep any files, be sure to upload them to your Google Drive account, or you may also use your own flash drive. 

When you first open a sample file, regardless of the program being used, goto File > Save As and save it to your computer. This way, you have your own working copy.

On Google Drive, you may make additional folders as needed. A key point here is to keep organized: Make folders for logical purposes (i.e. Topic 1). Name the files logicaly so you know what the assignment is by looking at the file name.

Since the computers self reset at least daily, you will not be able to use the recent files listing in the program except in the current class. 

Many of the programs used in my classes do not offer an autosave feature: if something goes wrong, all the work up to that point is likely to be lost. Save early, and save often. Save often to somewhere other than the computer, because if there is a power failure, then any work saved to the class computer is gone. This does happen every year, generally from some type of power problem. I also suggest that you make multiple copies: one to Google Drive, one on to your own flash dirve.