Where it is: www.getkahoot.com

What it is: A service to do quick, informal multiple choice tests

How does it work: There are actually two sites to work with:

GetKahoot.com – This is where the teacher makes their account, and creates the questions they wish to use. There are also many question sets that other people have made available to the public. On the public sets, one thing to be aware of is that I have found a few that had errors in the answers. Public question sets generally cannot be edited.

Making Questions – Can be a drag and drop affair. If you have an image, you may either drag and drop the image onto the page, or browse to the file on your computer. Enter the text for the question. The question is designed for four answers, so enter one or more correct answers with the remainder as incorrect answers. Repeat for as many questions as you want. To start the quiz, log into your account select the quiz and play. You must project the site onto a screen. Users go to another site.

Kahoot.it – This is the site where the quiz is played. Users go to kahoot.it on their own connected device, and enter the game number that is being displayed on the classroom's projection screen, and his or her name (or other identifying info). Teachers can kick out any players they don't want, for example, if a student has entered an inappropriate name. When all players are registered, or at any time really, the teacher can start the play. Once the quiz has started, players can no longer be entered. Also, if a player leaves the game they cannot reenter. 

Game Play – Each question has a time limit as determined when the question was created. That question will also end early if all players answer before the time has expired. After the question is closed, the top five players, as determined by the number of correct answers, and the speed of the answer, is displayed. At the end of the game/quiz, the top five players are displayed as determined by the right answer / speed determination. 

After the Game – Teachers can download a spreadsheet that displays the student's names, their timed scores, the un-timed scores (count of right v. wrong), as well as the individual answers for each student on every question played.

What data do they collect: Any information you enter such as name, email, questions, etc, they collect and hold. Additionally, automated information such as IP addresses, browser info, pages visited, cookie info and again, anything you add to the site. Any public information, such as questions marked public, they do not attempt to control. Other info as previously listed, may be shared and used for promotional purposes: opt out instructions will be provide.

How well does it work: In light testing, and in multiple instances where I was on the student side, I haven't seen a glitch.

How do they support the site: Currently, kahoot is running on startup money based out of Oslo, with offices in London and San Francisco. They intend on keeping the education aspect of it free, but will be creating a commercial version for non teachers which will carry fees. When this will happen, is uncertain. For more details, visit: http://goo.gl/doIH3e